Learning from Practice

Practitioner Briefs

Positive change is supported through understanding what we are doing, reflecting on why we are doing it and how it might be done better.

The Newcastle Safeguarding Children Partnership learning and improvement framework provides a structure that ensures practice is thoroughly explored and analysed through practice learning audits, child safeguarding practice reviews and practitioner surveys, which aim to drive improvements to safeguard and promote the welfare of children in Newcastle.

This section contains learning from audits, child safeguarding practice reviews and surveys undertaken by the Newcastle Safeguarding Children Partnership in the last 12 months.

Case Reviews

Ofsted carries out an annual programme of research and survey reports alongside its main inspection frameworks. These examine relationships between institutions and providers and other agencies and evaluate the impact on providers and learners of recent policy development. You can view the Ofsted Social Care Survey Reports here.

Serious Case Reviews

Audit Activity

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