Safeguarding Children

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What is Safeguarding Children?

Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children is defined in Working Together 2018 as:

– protecting children from maltreatment;
– preventing impairment of children’s health or development;
– ensuring the children are growing up in circumstances consistent with the provision of safe and effective care;
– taking action to enable all children to have the best outcomes.

Child protection is a part of safeguarding activity that is undertaken to protect specific children who are suffering, or likely to suffer, significant harm.

Newcastle Safeguarding Partners, in accordance with Working Together 2018, published their Multi-agency Safeguarding Arrangements for Children and Young People in June 2019.

Children & Young People

This page is for children & young people and has information and advice about what to do if you are worried about yourself or someone else under the age of 18.

Policy and Procedures

Newcastle Safeguarding Children Partnership provides a comprehensive multi-agency procedural manual for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children in Newcastle.

Parents, Carers, Family & Friends

Through our work, the Newcastle Safeguarding Children Partnership aims to provide parents, carers, family and friends of children and young people with the information and advice they need to help know what to do if they are worried about a child or young person.

Learning from Practice

Newcastle Safeguarding Children Partnership is committed to continuous improvement in practice, systems and processes leading to better experiences and outcomes for children, young people and their families.

Practitioners and the Community

Newcastle Safeguarding Children Partnership believes that everyone who lives or works in the city has a role to play in safeguarding children.

Multi-agency Safeguarding Arrangements for Children and Young People

The Multi-agency Safeguarding Arrangements for Children and Young People sets out how the Safeguarding Partners will work together, and with other agencies, to safeguard and promote the welfare of all the children and young people in Newcastle.

Contextual Safeguarding


The Newcastle Safeguarding Children Partnership meets four times a year to provide strategic leadership on behalf of the Newcastle Safeguarding Partners to ensure the effectiveness of safeguarding arrangements for children and young people in Newcastle and to agree priority actions. The Partnership is chaired by Independent Chairperson, Helen Lamont. The agencies represented on the Board are:

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