Newcastle Safeguarding Week

The week beginning 4th Dec 2023 the NSCP hosted a series of 16 sessions focused on key aspects of safeguarding. These were delivered by partners representing a number of different services and sectors and covered a wide range of topics. Many of the sessions have been recorded, and will be made available below for you to watch. We have also included copies of the slides and where applicable, other relevant materials.

Trauma and Neglect

Risk Outside The Home

This session focuses on how neglect in childhood can cause trauma and how this affects children, and why this is different from other forms of trauma.

Partnership Working

Private Fostering

This session focused on raising and increasing awareness of Private Fostering, what it is and why it matters. It also lays out the duties for individuals and agencies under the relevant legislation and regulations.



ICON: Crying Babies

Young Dads

This session explores how to support parents (including male care givers) in responding to crying to reduce injuries in babies

Child Death Overview Panel

Female Genital Mutilation

This session looks at new local processes regarding FGM, the local picture and how professionals can be alert to the dangers.

Serious Violence Duty

Operation Pecan

This session focuses on the duty services have to respond to and report incidents of serious violence. This is a new duty all professionals should be aware of.

Youth Drug & Alcohol

What is Early Help

This session provides a comprehensive overview of Early Help in Newcastle and what our roles are.

Online Sexual Coercion

Safeguarding in 3rd Sector