NSAB Sub-Committees


The Board is supported in it’s work by four sub-committees. They meet regularly and report to the main Board at every meeting.

Improving Practice Committee

This Committee works to further develop policies, procedures and guidelines in light of new research, legislation and practice developments. The group reviews good and bad practice in safeguarding adults work to help reduce the instances of adult abuse. The group supports agencies to work together.

Learning and Development Committee

This Committee identifies the multi-agency learning and development needs of the organisations in Newcastle in relation to safeguarding adults. Members produce a learning and development strategy and associated programme which supports all staff, volunteers and agencies in following the multi-agency policy and procedures. You can find out more about the training courses we have available on the training pages.

Safeguarding Adults Review Committee

This Committee considers any request for a Safeguarding Adults Review and makes recommendations to the Newcastle Safeguarding Adults Board.

Members advise the Newcastle Safeguarding Adults Board on processes, procedures and outcomes in relation to conducting a Safeguarding Adults Review under the Board’s Safeguarding Adults Review procedures.

M-SET (Missing/Sexually Exploitation and Trafficking Group)

A sub-group of both the Newcastle Safeguarding Adults Board and the Newcastle Safeguarding Children Board. The group is concerned with issues around human trafficking, criminal and sexual exploitation, missing and modern slavery.