The Safeguarding Children and Young People Award

Celebrating Good Practice in Newcastle


The Safeguarding Children and Young People Award in Newcastle is designed to recognize and celebrate individuals, group or team who have demonstrated exceptional commitment and good practices in safeguarding the well-being of children and young people in the Newcastle area.

Why Safeguarding Matters:

Safeguarding is a vital aspect of our society, ensuring that children and young people are protected from harm and exploitation. It is a responsibility shared by everyone and can involve many stakeholders, such as parents and carers, educators, social and healthcare providers, police, and the broader community. The Newcastle Safeguarding Children Partnership is committed to creating a safe and supportive environment for all children and young people, and this award celebrates those who go above and beyond to achieve this goal.

Who Is the Award For:

The Safeguarding Children and Young People Award is open to any organization or individual in Newcastle, who is able to nominate someone, group or team that they feel deserves recognition for an exceptional commitment to safeguarding children and young people. This could include, but is not limited to people associated with:

  1. Schools and educational settings
  2. Non-profit organizations and charities
  3. Health and social care providers
  4. Sports clubs and youth organizations
  5. Volunteers and individuals making a difference in children’s lives
  6. Local Authority service practitioners

We would encourage nominations by or for young people, to recognise when young people do something that safeguards others.

Good Practice Criteria:

Nominations should outline how the individual, group or team have demonstrated their commitment to any of the following safeguarding practices:

  1. Changing Outcomes: A commitment to evidencing an impact that has made a difference.
  2. Partnerships and Engagement: A passion for collaborative working with practitioners from other agencies and the local community to create a ‘joined-up’ approach to safeguarding children and young people.
  3. Awareness and Education:  A drive to raise awareness about safeguarding issues within their own and other organisations, among children, young people and parents or caregivers.

How to Apply:

To nominate an individual, group or team for the Safeguarding Children and Young People Award in Newcastle, please complete the online application form . Use the form to outline examples and information on why you think the nominee deserves this award.


The work of the recipients will be recognised and shared as good practice at one of our development events and potentially with wider partners and public. Their names will be added here, to the Partnership website to promote their good work and recognition.

Join us in celebrating those who work tirelessly to create a safer Newcastle for children and young people. Together, we can build a community where every child feels protected, nurtured, and empowered to thrive!