Responding to Disclosures of Abuse.

Target Audience

This course is appropriate for staff in all services who work with children & adults who are at risk of abuse or neglect.

Including: support workers, housing staff, teachers, college staff, GP’s, nurses, paramedics, clerical and admin staff, advocates, midwives, staff working in supported accommodation. 

What will I learn.

The aim of this session is to try to alleviate understandable anxieties in practitioners around this difficult subject. The session looks at how to respond to disclosures in an appropriate manner.

It goes on to increase practitioners’ awareness of barriers to people disclosing awareness of inappropriate/unhelpful ways of responding.

It looks to increase Insight into the language we use and to provide an overview of trauma informed care and encourage practitioners to think about how to apply trauma informed care and approaches. The session also tries to build more confidence around criminal proceedings and potential information sharing.

This supports: Core safeguarding adults and children training. 

Provider Trainer Philip Battista Safeguarding and Learning Development Lead CNTW (External) supported by colleagues from Sexual Assault Resource Centre (SARC) – The Angel Centre, Gateshead.

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