Annual Young People’s Event – Young People and Mental Health

people attending the young people's event 2018

Summary of the Event

Newcastle Safeguarding Children Board has responsibility for ensuring that children and young people in Newcastle are as safe as they can possibly be from abuse and neglect. The theme of the 2018 annual event was young people’s mental health and the purpose was to bring young people together who live, learn and socialise in Newcastle to hear their views and suggestions for improving service development and service provision.

This year our guest speakers included young people who provided an informative and moving insight into some of the key mental health issues that affect them as well as a presentation from Dr Lisa Ripon, Consultant Psychiatrist, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service.   

Learning from our annual young people events continue to inform service improvement and strategic plans to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people in Newcastle.

Next Steps:

The young people’s views, comments and suggestions from the event has been shared with the safeguarding partners who are responsible for ensuring good mental health services are provided and widely available to young people and the NSCP will follow this up to establish what impact they have had on service development. 

I think more people should try and stop teenagers or anybody self-harming because lots of people do that thinking that it will help them escape from their problems, but it really doesn’t

Why do ambulances get called when it’s a physical emergency, but Police are called when it’s a mental health issue?