Combatting Stigma Practice Briefing

An image of illustrated minutes from a Stigma and Trauma Conference held in May 2023. The artwork was produced by More Than Minutes and it depicts some of the key issues raised. There is a mixture of pictures and text.

A practice briefing has been published following a Stigma and Trauma Conference held in Newcastle in May 2023.

The briefing note from Durham University’s Department of Sociology, highlights a number of critical insights about stigma related to trauma, substance use and domestic violence & abuse, and makes key recommendations to challenge stigma across health and social care, and criminal justice settings.


What can everyone do?

  • Join the anti-stigma network:
  • Reflect on how stigma might impact upon the people you help and support
  • Consider if you have any embedded personal views that might result in stigmatisation
  • Use respectful language and treat people with dignity
  • Be trauma-informed, person-centred and professionally curious in your work
  • Speak out against stigma if you see it happening

What can I do if I’ve got strategic responsibilities?

  • Consider stigma a key priority focus for every service involved in combatting substance use, domestic violence and abuse, and trauma work.
  • Have discussions within teams about an Anti-Stigma Strategy in your workplace.
  • Implement and invest in a basic training pledge that includes practical ways to raise awareness and challenge stigma.

You can download a pdf of the practice briefing below or access it in full on this webpage