Communication and marketing toolkit

We encourage our partners and others to use the resources below to promote some of the key messages about safeguarding adults in Newcastle. Each year, our public consultations highlight the need to continue to raise awareness with a wide range of stakeholders, primarily those who live, work or volunteer in Newcastle.

Our main call to action (to accompany any communications activity related to safeguarding adults) is:

  • If you are concerned about a safeguarding adults issue, or feel that someone needs protection you should call 0191 278 8377 or 0191 278 7878 out of office hours. If the situation is an emergency call 999.
  • You can also tell anyone who works for one of the member agencies of the Newcastle Safeguarding Adults Board and they will pass on your concerns.
  • For more information about safeguarding adults in Newcastle, visit:

Other key messages:

  • Newcastle Safeguarding Adults Board works to protect adults across Newcastle-upon-Tyne from abuse and neglect.
  • “No excuse for adult abuse” strapline from the posters and leaflets.
  • Abuse or neglect of adults can be reported to Community Health and Social Care Direct (0191 278 8377) or via an online referral form.
  • The Board’s vision is that “Newcastle is an increasingly safer city for adults at risk of abuse and neglect”.
  • Abuse can come in many different forms, including financial, emotional, physical, neglect, and sexual.
  • When abuse is reported, concerns are taken seriously and a careful and sensitive enquiry is carried out by Adult Social Care. Adult Social Care will work together with the adult at risk and any other relevant agencies to decide how best to protect and care for the adult. There may need to be safeguarding adults meetings or further investigations.
  • The Newcastle Safeguarding Adults board is chaired by Vida Morris, Group Nurse Director North Locality Care Group, Cumbria, Northumberland Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust. The agencies represented on the Board are: Connected Voice Advocacy (representing the community and voluntary sector); Changing Lives (representing the community and voluntary sector); National Probation Service, Northumbria; Newcastle and Gateshead CCG; Newcastle City Council; Northumberland Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust; Northumbria Police; Public Health; The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust; Search Newcastle (representing the community and voluntary sector); Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service; and Your Homes Newcastle.
  • The Newcastle Safeguarding Adults Board must carry out Safeguarding Adult Reviews when an adult has died or suffered serious harm as a result of abuse or neglect and there is a concern that partner agencies could have worked more effectively to protect the adult.

If you need any of the resources in a different format, including hard copy, please contact