Domestic Homicide Review Library Launched

A new Domestic Homicide Review (DHR) Library has been launched.

DHRs are done when the death of a person aged 16 or over has, or appears to have, resulted from violence, abuse or neglect by either:

  • a relative
  • a spouse, partner or ex-partner
  • a member of the same household

This includes deaths by suicide.

All published DHR’s will be accessible to the public, relevant stakeholders and professionals. A single home for DHRs means that it will be easier to analyse the reports to understand key trends, factors and risks relating to domestic homicides. The aim is that it will allow easier access to material that can help learn from previous reviews and ultimately, prevent future deaths.

The library is searchable on a range of different areas, including date of homicide, victim and perpetrator demographics and Police force area of death.