Engagement principles launched

two adults

The NSAB have agreed 8 Principles of Engagement as best practice approaches to responding to people who, for a range of reasons, may not be engaging with services.

How practitioners engage with service users and clients can make a big difference. Engaging with services can be daunting for people, so it needs to be made as easy as possible. The NSAB would like all practitioners to adopt the 8 principles when working with adults at risk.

  1. Ask the person what their preferred method of communication is.
  2. Recognise the extent to which a person’s vulnerability may impact on their ability to engage.
  3. Use the Mental Capacity Act (MCA).
  4. Consider the person’s mental capacity to engage, but also the consequences of non-engagement.
  5. Where possible, identify a lead professional to build up a trusting relationship with the person.
  6. Don’t assume that someone else is dealing with the problem.
  7. Be careful what you record around engagement or lack of.
  8. Remember, engagement may fluctuate.
Watch a short film that explains the principles