Local Learning

The NSCP carries out rapid reviews when there is concern that a Serious Child Safeguarding Incident has occurred.

The purpose of the Rapid Review is to identify and act upon immediate learning, and consider if there is additional learning which could be identified through a wider Child Safeguarding Practice Review (CSPR). The resources below disseminate the learning to professionals working in Newcastle.


The NSCP has produced a series of briefings covering thematic learning from recent rapid reviews, including learning relating to teenagers, babies and complex families. Please click on the images below to watch a recording.

Complex Families

We have also made available a practitioner guide, bringing together all of the learning in an easy to digest format.

To help practitioners reflect on the learning and how it impacts their practice we have produced a series of questions to use in group supervision or team meetings

Most Recent Learning: The NSCP carried out a rapid review for Michael and have published this practitioner guide drawing out key themes and learning for practitioners.

The NSCP has also produced learning guides for practitioners from recent rapid reviews: