NSAB Annual Report 2020-21 Published

front cover of NSAB Annual Report 2020-21

The NSAB Annual Report for 2020-21 is now published.

The Annual Report highlights some of the key achievements of the NSAB and their responses to new and emerging issues and future challenges ahead. Given the timeframe, the report covers the impact of Covid-19 on safeguarding adults work in the City and the NSAB’s response to this.

The Annual Report details some of the indirect impacts of Covid-19 on safeguarding adults work – increased vulnerabilities and reduced professional face-to-face contact with those at risk – and our response to these. Safeguarding adults activity has increased in Newcastle throughout the year. There have been particular areas where we have seen increased risk: domestic abuse, self-neglect, poverty and concerns for people’s mental health. The report shines a spotlight on these areas. The pandemic has tested us all, but it has forced us to do things differently. In some cases this has improved our safeguarding adults response. In 2021-22 we will build on these opportunities and ensure that any changes are fully embedded within our systems, policies and procedures.

Vida Morris, NSAB Chair

You can read and download the annual report here: Newcastle Safeguarding Adults Board Annual Report 2020-21