NSCP Annual Children and Young People Conference

#alcoholchangeslives poster for children and young people conference

On Tuesday 16 March 2021, the Newcastle Safeguarding Children’s Partnership will host their annual children and young people’s conference.  This year the topic for discussion will be alcohol related behaviours and how these impact on the lives of children and young people.  The online event called Alcohol Changes Lives, is free and tickets are available on Eventbrite 

Alcohol Changes Lives is an opportunity for children and young people to share their experiences with adult decision makers, practitioners, and influencers.   The event will be hosted by youth leader Emma Gibson.  Children have created short films to highlight how alcohol related behaviours have impacted on them growing up in Newcastle.  As well as presentations from children, the event will have keynote speakers and workshops which will focus on policy and practice, young carers, education employment and skills (a party city), resilience, and exploitation – all in relation to alcohol behaviours. 

For more information contact Louise Cameron or Sue Kirkley