Safeguarding Adults Referral Form update

Changes to referrals

Changes have been made to the Safeguarding Adults Referral Form. These changes are mainly in relation to the order of questions rather than any significant changes to the content of the questions. The main updates are as follows:

  • Questions about involvement of the adult at risk have moved to the beginning of the form.
  • The addition of a question about whether the referral is about organisational abuse WITHOUT an identified adult at risk.

Improvements have also been made to the functionality of the online referral form:

  • Required questions have been made mandatory.
  • Additional guidance provided on how to respond to certain questions.
  • Referrers will now receive an emailed copy of their referral.

The changes are the start of a planned move to only accepting online referrals from professionals. If you foresee any problems for you or your organisation as a part of this move, please let us know:

Organisations are asked to delete any old versions of the referral form that they may hold and where possible begin using the online referral form as standard practice for referring safeguarding adult concerns.

Please note:

  • adults at risk, families and members of the public can continue to tell us about safeguarding concerns via telephone, email, in person or via the referral form.
  • Professionals should also refer to their single-agency procedures for reporting safeguarding adults concerns, which way involve internal reporting prior to referring on a multi-agency basis.
  • Professionals from any agency can seek advice from the Safeguarding Adults Unit if they are unsure about whether they need to refer a safeguarding adults concern.

Please visit our report a concern webpage for more information.