Updated NSAB Policy and Procedures

Pile of documents

The Newcastle Safeguarding Adults Board agreed an update to the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Adults Policy and Procedures at their meeting in March 2024.

The review has been undertaken by members of the NSAB’s Improving Practice Committee and has been informed by changes in legislation, learning from statutory reviews, audits and any changes in local operational practice.

In addition to the full policy and procedure documents, there is a summary flowchart and a summary table of the key stages of the safeguarding adults process in Newcastle.

Organisations should ensure that their single-agency policy and procedures are updated in line with the multi-agency policy and procedures.

The key changes are highlighted below.

Addition of Missing Adults Protocol to section on related policies and procedures (Policy, page 32)
Ensuring LGA/ADASS guidance on Safeguarding Adults Concerns and Section 42 Enquiries is reflected. Particularly an update to Stage 1 of the process and the Local Authority triage of referrals based on safeguarding adult concern criteria. (Procedures, throughout)
Extension of Stage 2 timescale from 5 working days to 7 working days (Procedures, page 14)
Reference and links to new People in a Position of Trust (PiPoT) Framework (Procedures, page 23,27)
Mental capacity section updated to reinforce that all agencies are responsible for assessing capacity and also that repeated unwise decision-making warrants further exploration (Procedures, pages 31-32)
Directing professionals to refer online (Procedures, page 39)
New section on what happens when a referral is received about an adult already subject to a Safeguarding Adults Enquiry (Procedures, pages 43-44)
New section covering a model for effective communication (Procedures, page 85)
Updates to escalation procedure (Procedures, page 89)
New sections on what happens when an adult at risk dies during a Safeguarding Adults Enquiry and when a referral is received about a person who has already died (Procedures, pages 90-91)
Additional paragraph about when an adult at risk goes into prison who is open to a safeguarding adults enquiry (Procedures, pages 92-93).

For more information, please visit NSAB Policy and Procedures