Violence Against Women and Girls: Research into Practice

This interdisciplinary conference will focus on how research about Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG) is, and can be, used in practice.

It will explore the complex relationships between research, policy and practice and will address, in relation to VAWG, questions such as:  

  • How can academic research be most useful for effecting change in policy and professional practice? 
  • How can practitioners, policy-makers, and researchers collaborate productively?  
  • What kinds of research are most impactful in effecting progressive social change?  

Featuring presentations, panel discussions and interactive sessions from researchers, policy-makers and practitioners it will showcase some of the innovative work of Northumbria University staff, as well as contributions from leading advocates in the VAWG sector more widely.  The conference will appeal to scholars including Postgraduate Researchers, practitioners and professionals, activists, policy- and decision-makers working to tackle and bring an end to VAWG. 

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