Safeguarding children is everyone’s responsibility. Every single person who encounters a child or young person or his or her family has a role to play.

Safeguarding means keeping children and young people safe from harm and promoting their welfare and is about: 

  • having the knowledge and awareness to understand various types of abuse and neglect
  • what to look for and being able to identify the signs
  • knowing what steps to take if you suspect abuse
  • knowing what to do if a child or an adult tell you they are being abused.

If you are in any doubt about reporting a concern do not think ‘What if I’m wrong?’ -but instead think ‘What if I’m right? ‘

  • Trust your instinct – if something does not feel right, it probably is not
  • Do not ignore it
  • Do not assume someone else is doing something about the situation 

If you are worried or have a concern about a child or young person contact Northumbria Police on 101. If there is immediate danger contact 999.

For advice or to make a referral about a concern for a child or young person contact: 

Children’s Social Care Initial Response Service on 0191 277 2500 or the Emergency Duty Team at 0191 278 7878.

Practitioners should use the online referral form to refer concerns